KSG Innovations

KSG Innovations specializes in the development of a variety of specialty coatings with a broad range of uses and applications.

Protective Coatings

Our unique polymer coatings assist in maintaining the quality of a broad array of surfaces by obstructing the growth of microogranisms like fungi, mold and parasites. Our unique technology permits the active ingredients to become bio-available when conditions promote unwanted biological growth. When the threat is neutralized, the surface remains in a protected state and once again becomes dormant until it is needed. As a result, they are more cost-effective reduce the number of cleaning cycles and offer lasting protection. Our Ebbarall™ coatings are generally applied on walls, vents, door handles, roofs, patios and even clothing. They can be employed in industries such as textile, automotive, construction, and sports. While the product has a milky hue when wet, it dries quickly to a clear, invisible state that will not harm any surface, from carpeting to wallpaper. Unless mechanically or chemically removed, the product will remain biologically active for extended periods of time.

These coatings can be applied with a variety of methods including brush, roller, and multiple types of sprayers. This product's unique properties allow it to be moisture activated (10% humidity or higher). Therefore, as the environment favors microbial growth, the product becomes more effective in inhibiting that growth.

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Ultra-Slick Coatings

Initially developed as an anti-graffiti application, our ulta-slick coatings form a clear, hard-coat barrier on a veriety of surfaces, including metal, concrete and wood. Once applied and cured, the hard surface can be easily washed to remove unwanted deposits such as graffiti, paint, ice, mud build-up, agricultural waste, fauna effluviant, and the like.

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Anti-Rust Coatings

Our anti-rust coating provides a multi-purpose barrier on all ferrous metals that prevent surface oxidation. This product has a wide range of industrial uses as an anti-oxidant protection for ships, shipping containers, bridges, structural steel, agricultural equipment and underground and above-surface pipes.

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