Ultra-Slick Coating

A durable barrier coating that resists virtually all petro-chemicals, gasoline, oils, paints, and solvents on both pourous and non-pourous substrates

An ideal release coating for any manufacturing, farming, chemical production or gas and oil storage environment

100% Hydrophobic and Icephobic when cured

Ultra-Slick Coating is a multi-purpose clear coating that may be applied over virtually any surface. Ultra-Slick Coating Provides the highest level of resistance to oils, paints, solvents, permanent markers, food stuffs, as well as sticky ingredients used in manufacturing. These materials can be removed from a surface coated with Ultra-Slick Coating with a water power wash or with ordinary household cleaners. Ultra-Slick Coating is a two part urethane coating with an extended pot life of 4 hours at 77F. Ultra-Slick Coating has many uses and can be customized for a variety of industrial applications. Cures to the touch in 30 minutes, fully cured in 48 hours. 100% Hydrophobic. Cures to a high-gloss finish so smooth that virtually nothing adheres to it.

Product Characteristics

Coating Specs


Ultra-Slick Coating is a two part urethane coating with an extended pot life of 4 hours at 77F. The mix ratio is 2 parts "A" with 1 part "B" by volume. Mix gently for 5 minutes with a stir stick or mechanical mixer. Let stand for 5 minutes. Mix for 5 more minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes then apply.

Do Not Use Paint Shaking Machines to Mix.


Ultra-Slick Coating sets to the touch in 40 minutes. This product cures from the inside out to the surface. FUll cure occurs in 48 to 72 hours at 68F. May finish curing underwater after 24 hour air cure.

Surface Preparation

May be applied on unpainted, painted or primed wood, tile, cement, terracotta, metal and fiberglass. Surfaces should be free of all moisture, oils and solvents, dust, rust, or any loose scale. Exceptional adhesion to de-scaled rusted surfaces.

Application & Coverage

Protective Measures

Surface protection: Mask with tape, paper, and plastic as with lacquer paints.

The use of protective clothing (suit and hood) as well as a quality respirator suited for oil or solvent based paints is required

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Part A

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